Game Over (SC Res. 2334 no surprise)

27 Kislev 5777 Hanoch Ne’eman, Jerusalem

When my grandfather was a little boy in Russia, the Jews of his town would lock themselves in a warehouse on Christmas to protect themselves from their christian neighbors, some of whom were then quite drunk and prone to attack Jews.

This year erev Christmas proved to be a rallying time for the gentile nations of the world, or more specifically the members of the Security Council, to come together on the only thing which unites them: blaming Jews.

But it should come as little surprise, since when you don’t tell the truth yourself, you should not then expect the gentiles to do it for you. For our PM, our ambassadors, and many of our ministers, have for years played this game of talking about a Palestinian State, about negotiations, about housing freezes. One thing Obama and Sarkozy were right about, our PM does have a lying problem. It was only a matter of time before the UN would say with one voice that we don’t have a right to our land.

It’s our job to teach the world why it is important and best for everyone that Israel control all our country, including Judea and Shomron. Time to roll up our sleeves and start doing that, not playing the lying game anymore.




One Response to “Game Over (SC Res. 2334 no surprise)”

  1. Sarah Leah Says:

    Lovely, thank you!

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