Good and Bad in the Land of AZ

Hanoch Ne’eman 4 Nisan 5777 Scottsdale AZ

I have been going a lot to the CVS Pharmacy here on Miller Road to pick up drugs for my parents. They have a lot of nice people working there at the pharmacy department, very courteous and helpful. (By the way, remind me to tell you about the most pleasant experience I had yesterday getting a State of Arizona driver’s license.) I am embarrassed for them, the intelligent, helpful, and hard-working people who work in the pharmacy, that they have to stand behind a counter bedecked with all these ridiculous magazines. You know the ones I mean. With the stupid headlines and pictures? Also in the supermarkets, the same clown shows appear. It is demeaning to those folks working there, in my opinion. They must have gotten used to it, like the smell in a barn for one milking the cows. I must say, for some reason, that is one stupidity we suffer less from in Israel, at least in the supermarkets I go too. Of course we have many garbage tabloids, maybe most of our papers in fact, but thankfully they are not shoved in your face at the check-out counter.

Oh yes, thank you for reminding me… the Motor Vehicle Office. What a pleasure! Since I have been renewing my NJ Driver’s License for the past twenty-two years, I thought of doing it again, as it runs out in June. But now my parents are stuck out here in AZ, so I thought – why don’t I try to get an Arizona license? So I check online with the AZ Dept. of Transportation, and learn that there are DMV offices and also alternative authorized service providers scattered around the state. I find one close to me and go there. There is no line. I sign in and two minutes later someone comes out and says “May I help you?” I give them the form I printed out online with my info, they take my US passport and NJ Driver’s License, and say okay, this will take 5 or ten minutes. They take my photo against the wall. I sit down to wait. While I am reading, the manager comes over to me and says, “Sir, pardon me, are we taking care of you already?” I assure him yes, Javier is on my case. I wait ten minutes and they come out with a temporary license, the real one will be mailed to my home in coming weeks. I pay forty dollars. It is good for fifteen years.

In NJ, you have to go every four years, show four types of different ID, which are often not quite right and you have to go back to your bank to get new ones, pay like $24 for just the four years, etc. My cousin in California told me much worse stories. Why is AZ different, logical, pleasant and normal? Must be all the Mormons and Republicans out here.


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