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Breath of Fresh Air (Please!)

November 28, 2017

9th of Kislev 5778 Hanoch Ne’eman, Jerusalem

I saw in the news that some mayors complained about air pollution from Arab towns. Yes, there is a big problem of Arab areas burning garbage. In recent days, with the overcast skies, I was suffering from it here in Baka too. And of course when I visit Tekoa, I suffer from it from the nearby villages. As do many places in Israel.

The Israeli EPA does not allow Israelis to do that, but the Palestinian Authority, that monster we created, does.

As Mr. Kushner, Minister of American Innovation and Middle East Peace, prepares to suggest a Peace Plan, I reflect on how we still have many years work ahead of us to try to mitigate the harmful effects of the Oslo Accords. I yearn for fresh air.

And of course, this week is 70 years from the 29 November, 1947 Partition Plan for Palestine, which led to heavy violence and of course it not being accepted or implemented.

Partitions are good for synagogues, but not Israel. Wish everyone understood that.


Welcome to the Game!

March 1, 2017

3 Adar 5777, H. Ne’eman, Israel

The US Special Forces do a raid in Yakla, Yemen (not well known tourist spot), during first week of Trump Presidency.

Kill some fourteen terrorists, some twenty civilians (much higher ration than IDF operations), lose one American soldier, and a 70 million dollar aircraft.

Capture enemy cellphones.

Local women surprise US forces by taking guns and shooting at them also.

Terrorists hide in clinics, schools, and mosques. Use women and children as shields.

Baruch HaBah…  (Welcome to the Game).



Diplomatic failure

February 17, 2017

21 Shevat 5777 HAnoch Ne’eman, Jerusalem

The fact that the outgoing US administration led a coalition to criticize Israeli settlements with a Security Council resolution, is of course, a tremendous diplomatic failure.

One could say it is all the Obama Adm.’s fault, but I differ with that view somewhat. I think that fact that our PM and our Ambassador talk about a Palestinian State contributes to the ability of a President to do that. Because the President can say – “look you admit you are wrong, you talk about a Pal. State, you agreed to settlement freeze, etc. You are just being stubborn and dragging your feet.”

Maybe I am wrong, maybe there is nothing to stop a President on the loose, but I believe it would be much harder for them to do that if our diplomats said clearly – there is only one state here, where all Arabs who are loyal and good citizens enjoy full civil rights.


Now this week, with a new US President, we have this ridiculous meeting between our PM and him, were the new President says “I don’t know, one state, two states, what you folks want!” Not that I expect an American President to know what is going on here much, I expect him to say stupid things, but that our PM keeps playing that game is disheartening and disappointing and sad. These people live in their own world, not the world of reality.

Wearing white

January 28, 2017

2 shevat 5777 HAnoch Ne’eman Jerusalem

My friend told me that the woman who lost in the American Presidential election two months ago attended the inauguration. He said she wore white to express her solidarity with the Suffering Women’s Movement. Well that’s nice, but I couldn’t help thinking that if she had won, there would be not only a lot of women suffering, but a lot of men too. Certainly a lot of both men and women here in Israel would have been suffering because of her.

Perhaps if she really wants to help alleviate suffering, she should have gone into nursing or medicine, not politics. Then she could have worn white every day (though maybe not Ralph Lauren), and really helped people.

Like the old Indian chief used to say, “Beware of wolves dressed like sheep”.

Game Over (SC Res. 2334 no surprise)

December 27, 2016

27 Kislev 5777 Hanoch Ne’eman, Jerusalem

When my grandfather was a little boy in Russia, the Jews of his town would lock themselves in a warehouse on Christmas to protect themselves from their christian neighbors, some of whom were then quite drunk and prone to attack Jews.

This year erev Christmas proved to be a rallying time for the gentile nations of the world, or more specifically the members of the Security Council, to come together on the only thing which unites them: blaming Jews.

But it should come as little surprise, since when you don’t tell the truth yourself, you should not then expect the gentiles to do it for you. For our PM, our ambassadors, and many of our ministers, have for years played this game of talking about a Palestinian State, about negotiations, about housing freezes. One thing Obama and Sarkozy were right about, our PM does have a lying problem. It was only a matter of time before the UN would say with one voice that we don’t have a right to our land.

It’s our job to teach the world why it is important and best for everyone that Israel control all our country, including Judea and Shomron. Time to roll up our sleeves and start doing that, not playing the lying game anymore.


The Royal Kippa

October 24, 2016

published in In Jerusalem and J. Post Metro Section – Chol Hamoed Sukkot 5777

The Royal Kippa

4th of Tishri 5777 Jerusalem – Hanoch Ne’eman

Those of you who know me know I am not someone to make a big deal about a kippa. I generally am put off by questions like “are you kippa seruga or black kippa?” But, nonetheless, I feel obligated to comment briefly on the ceremonial headwear worn here in Jerusalem last week by various “heads” of state  at the Peres funeral .

Prince Charles wearing a Kippah at Peres funeral (Photo by Flash 90)(photo by Flash 90)

For these occasions, PM Benjamin Netanyahu, has, for some time, come equipped with a cute little black knit kippa, secured with a clip, and likely provided to him by Ron Dermer or some other helpful associate.

President Obama and former President Bill Clinton made due with the standard issue black cloth kippot. (No one would expect those anti-settler blokes to don a knit kippa would they?)

But the most interesting kippa to appear at the funeral was that ofCharles, Prince of Wales. The Prince obviously brought his own kippa from home. Now we know these Royals can’t hardly touch anything without putting a crest or insignia on it, but I was still quite surprised, maybe even a british “shocked”, to see Charles with an emblazoned kippa.

What is the meaning of the emblem on his kippa? I don’t think it means he is a alumni of the Hasmonean School in London.

The seal looks to me like three duck heads and some dandelions. Maybe the dandelions are a secret allusion to the “Lion of Judah”, as the British Royal Family allegedly claims their lineage goes back to King David (a trend among gentiles, started perhaps by Jesus). Maybe they also allude to  Royal “dandy-ness”?

These speculations  occur to me because I remember stories of how the British aristocracy used to circumcise their boys on the eighth day. And, of course, there is the hackneyed myth that the word “British” comes from the two hebrew words “brit” and “ish”, meaning “man of the covenant”.

Or perhaps the seal was made especially for the occasion, and the three ducks represent Peres, Rabin, and Arafat receiving the Nobel Peace Prize in 1994? Who knows?

In any case, the Royal Kippa was certainly for me a different kind of buzz.

I read afterwards that Prince Charles took the occasion of being here in Jerusalem to visit the grave of his paternal grandmother, Princess Alice, who is buried under the Greek Orthodox Convent on the Mount of Olives. Visiting the graves of one’s family was certainly a very appropriate thing to be doing a few days before Rosh Hashana. In fact, many of the local old-time Jerusalemites were doing just that the same Friday.

In sum, I must conclude that Prince Charles definitely had the most scintillating skull-cap, the koolest kippa, at the funeral. One can easily say a lot of negative things about the Royal Family, but one thing you can’t say is they lack style.

We the People?

August 14, 2016

10th of Av, 5776, Hanoch Ne’eman, Yerushalayim

I had an interesting class with visiting Professor Jeffrey Dunoff from Philadelphia this semester , about issues in International Law. In one of the classes, Prof. Dunoff said “when did I give the government the right to speak for me in this matter? Oh yes, the Constitution says, “We the People.., but wait, I don’t remember anyone asking me my opinion about that…”

Indeed, often governments and elected officials take it upon themselves to say and do things in the country’s name which they have not asked permission from the people to do.

For example, my Israeli government, in the person of the Prime Minister and the Ambassador to the United States, has recently taken actions which recognize the Lesbian and Gay Communities. That is certainly their right to do as private individuals, but I resent them doing so in the name of Israel.

It is fine and proper to endorse and support the full civic rights and protections for all citizens, including homosexuals. However, recognizing them as a community endorses them as a lifestyle, and I do not think that is within the purview of a government official to do. As a comparison, I do not think it would be proper for the Prime Minister to send greetings to the thief community, or the Drug User Community, and tell them that they are fully accepted in Israel, as he did recently with the gay community.

Likewise I think it would be improper for the Israeli Ambassador to America to welcome a delegation of tax-evaders to the Israeli Embassy in Washington, as he recently did with the LGBT community, rainbow flags abreast the Blue and White.

Of course I recognize the desire and need for politicians to seek the favor and votes of various interest groups, but that is something I believe they should do in a private capacity, for example attending the dinners of these groups and telling them how much they love them. But when speaking in an official capacity, they should refrain from endorsing practices which many people find morally improper and do not want endorsed.

Again, protections of individual civil rights yes, group endorsement, no.

A thief is also entitled to full civil rights, but his lifestyle should not be condoned. (Again, if a politician wants to condone it as a private individual, that is his right, but not in the name of the country).

I was also therefore distressed to learn that the Israeli Ministry of Tourism dedicated over ten million shekels to encourage gay tourism to Israel.

I think the whole ministry of tourism is superfluous actually, and do not think tourism is a legitimate government activity, but it especially irks me that they are spending public money to encourage gay tourism.

I hope to focus in future posts on the negative effects of government tourism promotion, including the human rights abuses in Cuba, and Israel’s misguided entries into the Israeli hotel business.



still cold turkey

July 19, 2016

13 Tammuz 5776 Hanoch Ne’eman Israel

The fact that there was an attempted coup d’etat in Turkey less that 48 hours after my post criticising Israel’s renewal of diplomatic relations, (ostensibly for the sake of of selling Turkey gas, and giving $20 million to her for “compensation” for the deaths of nine people on the flotilla, when Turkey should be compensating us for attacking our peace-keeping forces), only reinforces my conviction that the move was ill-advised, and will prove detrimental to us, as I stated in my original post. 🙂

cold Turkey

July 13, 2016

8 Tammuz 5776 Hanoch Ne’eman, Jerusalem

Our PM announced from Rome two weeks ago renewal of diplomatic relations with Turkey.

How many people in the government made this decision is not clear, our policies about these things are, as is known, quite autocratic. Maybe two or three people decided. Here in Israel the “govt.” both makes and ratifies treaties. Basically, the PM decides on his own. It is one of those problems with our system which we have to fix.

Was it right? The sales pitch is, if we sell gas to Turkey, that increases regional stability. Of course this is similar to the reason the Europeans and Americans gave for ending sanctions on Iran: if we do business with them, it will create stability.

I do not deny there is some logic to that, but I do not agree with it.

I think those who sleep in or near the turkey pen are going to wake up smelling bad.

Beilin and Peres were trying for years to get us to buy water from the Turks, remember? Then the 2010 Flotilla incident convinced us that was the proverbial (and literal) “pipe dream”, which we abandoned and went forward, Baruch Hashem, on desalination plants, and now we are water independant.

Thank goodness for the goyim who Hashem sends to save us from ourselves.

Th PM ran off right after to Africa to avoid criticism, but I will give mine anyway:

As a gardener, I learned you have to choose your customers carefully. The Turks can find their gas elsewhere. Tell me, does it promote stability that we provide electricity, water, and food to Gaza??

I don’t want the Turks business, or their flotillas.

I predict this arrangement will not last five years and will end up costing us heavily in lost infrastructure investments and litigation costs.

Let us strengthen our democracy and take decisions out of a few birds’ talons.




Crime and Confusion

June 21, 2016

15 Sivan 5776 Hanoch Ne’eman Israeli Occupied Baka

Last week there was a terrible hate crime in Orlando, Florida. Not surprisingly for those who have studied the psychology of hate, the murderer of patrons of the gay bar was someone with latent gay tendencies as well.

Have you read Ted Rubin’s book, Anti-Semitism: A Disease of the Mind?

There you will learn much about how most hatreds are symbol sicknesses; the hater projects that what he hates and fears in himself onto a symbol, the other.

It is not surprising that so many of the leading Nazis were homosexuals or bisexuals. To escape one’s own gender confusion, one seeks to obliterate the symbol of the confusion and self-doubt.

We need to be more aware of mental illness in order to treat those with it. Only that will prevent “terrorism” like this, not gun laws.

All the terrorism in the world is the same. It is done in the name of a cause, like this Orlando lunatic who “pledged” allegiance to Islamic State, but that is always a cover for the true personal problems. It is the same with all the “terrorists” here in “Palestine”.